Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Down Town Jackon Hole.

Bentley working hard at keeping cute.
We had breakfast 2 days at this bakery and diner. The food was fantastic. The bread and pancakes were made with OSM (oats, sunflowers and millet). YUM!! The bacon and eggs were great too. For lunch we ate at Billy's hamburgers which was attached the the Cadillac Grill. The Cadillac Grill patrons would order hamburgers and they would come over to Billy's and pick them up. They were the best hamburgers I've ever had. Good Ole Billy.

Down town JH. There are tons of good restaurants, great shopping and a really fun place to walk around. All buildings in the area must maintain the rustic theme, even the gas stations and McDonald's look like log cabins. The side walks are all like western board walks. That way you can hear the cowboys sneaking up behind you with their boots on.

The average home is $2 million. Folks that work there drive over from Idaho because they can't afford to live there. There are many, many nice ranches. One acre of land costs $1 million. The Walton (Wal-mart) family owns thousands of acres. The area is just beautiful. I can see why so many people vacation and love it here.

The downtown area is very unique.The town square has a beautiful park with antler arches on each of the 4 corners. The day before we arrived was the annual Elk fest. Next to Jackson is a huge Elk Refuge where over 5000 elk winter and have their food supply supplemented when necessary. In the spring when the elk shed their antlers they are collected by the Boy Scouts and auctioned off for money to fund the Boy Scouts in JH. This year they raised $800,000. In the winter when the elk are in the refuge the town had sleigh rides in to the refuge to see the elk up close.

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