Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome to Our New Blog

The Big Rolling Cathouse at Hancock's of Paducah !

Notice Finnegan's 2 yr old expression. He is not happy. He just woke up and realized I was
taking his picture. Bentley, as usual is the perpetual ham.

Jonathan riding along like a trooper in the middle of the bed. He's becoming a real travel kitty.

David and I are starting a new blog to share some of our adventures and sites we see as we travel in our motor home.

Today was our first day as we headed west to our first stop in Benton, IL. Everything went smoothly loading up the RV and getting the kitties settled in. Of course since Finnegan gets car sick, he had to have his dose of ACE to prevent barfing and drooling. Thank goodness for ACE. I wasn't in the mood to clean up barf and wear drool for 6 hours. However, 2 kitties were thoughtful enough to leave us 2 very nice compact hairballs. Weren't they nice to do that? Oh--the joys of kitties.

As we drove though Paducah, David thought it would be a good idea to stop at Hancock's of Paducah so that I could get my fabric fondling fix. He is so kind and caring. It was just great. They have such a tremendous selection. Unfortunately, they close at 3PM on Saturday as they announced when I walked in the door at 2:30PM. I did find some new Amy Butler for a skirt and made a mad dash for the cutting table. I just couldn't bare to leave a store with so much fabric and not buy anything. It would be an insult to all sewers out there. I'd never be able to hold my head up and at a quilt guild meeting again. As you can imagine I have been happy all day with my fabric purchase. There's nothing more satisfying than spending your hard earned money on luscious, fabric and fibers.

From Paducah we headed towards Benton. David realized we were very low on gas and we exited the highway in Marion in search of fuel. DISASTER---LITERALLY.

There had been a terrible storm the day before and there was no power. Trees and signage was strewn all over the streets and businesses, the traffic lights were out, restaurants were closed, and gas stations were closed. Yikes, we were almost on empty and no idea how far we'd have to go up the highway before The Big Rolling Cathouse could find an open station. We decided to cross our fingers and try make it to our exit in Benton and hope they had power and gas. Thank goodness. After about 20 miles we found the ultimate. Wal-mart in Benton was open and had gas. Phew!!!!!! We found out the area had 100mph winds the day before, which explained all the destruction we saw for miles and miles. It looked like a hurricane (being from Florida) had gone through the area.

At any rate we are now all settled in the KOA campground and cooking our hamburgers on the grill. I wonder if we remembered to bring the Grey Poupon.



  1. I love it! It's so great to keep up with you and fondle cloth by proxy. I'm going to pout on behalf of Nicholas not having a picture - or is this a grounding thing for him for being arrogant about having his birthday AND yawning pictures on the other blog?

    Hope that's the worst bad weather - or any kind of disaster you run into on your trip. Can't wait for the next installment.

  2. I like the hairball description of "compact", I know just what you mean...