Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little Motorhome on the Prairie

I can see Laura Ingalls running down the hill now, "Pa, Pa, where are you Pa"?

More prairie. Where are the prairie dogs?

Great wind farm !

Bentley found a nice place to ride--under our pillows.

Finnegan, taking a little nap. He does a lot of that.

Bentley on his stroll around the park.

Well, we left Kansas City yesterday, and just in time we might add. We heard there was flash flooding there. Glad we missed that! We headed west on I-70 and believe me when I say there was nothing to see but prairie and highway--even worst than driving the turnpike in Florida. The winds were extremely high and we were blown all over the highway. We did see some wind farms with hundreds of wind turbines and some oil wells. We passed Oakley, Ks. Yes it's named after Annie Oakley (my childhood hero).

The kitties were a little concerned with the MH swaying in the wind, but eventually they all settled down. We stayed last night in a very nice campground in Goodland, Ks. The kitties were so happy to see birdies again. Bentley went with me to do laundry and had a nice stroll around the park. The owners here are very nice people. They will make dinner for you and bring it to your motor home if you like. Wish we were staying longer to enjoy their home cooking, but we are on to Rawlins, WY via Cheyenne.
More later

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