Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Home on the Range Where the Antelope Roam

Here's where the antelope roam.
Wyoming countryside.

The Sinclair Oil Refinery in Sinclair, WY--right down the road.

The view from our campground in Rawlins, WY.

I know I saw a ground squirrel go in there!

Bentley waiting for the ground squirrel to appear.

Well, here we are in Rawlins, Wy. We had a very nice drive today--at least more interesting than driving across Kansas. We did have 19 miles left in Kansas before getting to Colorado. The East side of Colorado looked pretty similar to Kansas, but afterwards things became a bit more picturesque.

We drove past oil wells and the tumbleweeds blew across the roads. There were lots of cattle grazing on the range and antelope everywhere. I have a lot of pictures to post from today.

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