Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Nice Early Stop in Oak Grove, Mo

It was a very cool night and morning in Benton, IL  Since I went to bed so early last night I woke up extra early this morning especially since Bentley and Nicky were walking all over me and poking me to get up and get their breakfast. I got up earlier than I wanted to, but then I realized it was actually an hour earlier---like a quarter to 4am. Yikes. Once I had coffee in my new Chattanooga Quilts cup it was too late to go back to bed.
 The day before we left David installed a new bathroom faucet, He didn't like the one that came with the MH, so he replaced it with this one. I like it,

 The kitties really love their bunk. They each have a bed so they have their own space.

 Before we left David ordered them a DVD with birdies, squirrels, mice and bugs for them to watch on the TV in their bunk.  NO===I'm not kidding.
 Nicky loved it. He couldn't keep his eyes off the screen. Finny was so-so about the whole thing and Bentley could care less.

 However, Bentley did enjoy riding on the dash board,
 When we arrived in Oak Grove we needed to go to Walmart to buy hamburger meat and tacos shells for tacos for dinner. Well, we discovered that this Walmart must be the one where they take all the awful pictures of the weirdos that shop at Walmart. I wish I had my camera. It was unbelievable. I can't even describe most of what we saw. It's not possible that this many weirdos live within shopping distance of this one Walmart. Everyone in the store that weighted over 200lbs was riding in a motorized cart and that was a large number of people, They weren't all old either. Most of the shoppers were dressed like slobs and looked like they had landed from another planet. One woman came in wearing a black Zorro mask. I thought I'd seen it all. We were pretty anxious to get out and get to our campground.

Once we arrived at the CG this kitties wanted to go for a stroll.

Finnegan is patiently waiting for Bentley to finish his walk so he can have his.

However, Bentley is in no rush.

Finny waiting at the door for his turn.
Can this be the same kitty that was puking and drooling and crying the other day?


  1. Glad Finny is beginning to enjoy the trip. How lucky can 3 kitties be to have their own space with their own DVD. Do they know which bed is which or do the first two get to choose?

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