Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Visit in Golden

The kitties had a wonderful time this morning watching a family of chipmunks run across the rock wall and get the peanuts we had put out for them.
Nicky spent a lot of time chattering at the chipmunks and swishing his tail. What a fun treat for the boys. There was a Mommy chipmunk and 2 babies. You can see them in this picture.

David and I both noticed  a slight headache and some shortness of breath. When we checked we are at 8500 ft elevation. No wonder we didn't feel great. Must be a slight case of altitude sickness. Oh well, what can you do.
           The views from our MH were just so great. And at night we had great views of the city lights.

After a nice breakfast we took a ride over to a local potter's shop. It was on a dirt road with lots of potholes, but the shop was full of beautiful pieces. There was no one there in the shop. You were supposed just to select what you wanted, write it down on the list and how much it cost and leave the money in the basket. There were so many nice pieces it was really hard to decide.

Then we rode over to Black Hawk which was only a few miles away from Central City. It was a much nicer city and they had some very new and fancy looking casinos. We didn't stop, just rode through to check it out.

We took a ride back to Golden on highway 6 along Clear Creek. It was a beautiful drive. We walked around downtown Golden which was a nice little city. David noticed the only beer advertised was Coors. We were probably less than a mile from the Coors brewery. Coors must be the only game in town.

We stopped in for a visit at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum which was very small. They only had about 30 quilts. Today they had am exhibit of Gwen Marsden quilts which were all small wall hangings made with solids. They were all kind of wonky and hand quilted. They also had an exhibit from Patsy Heacock who had a great exhibit of Native American Portraits.

Also visited a quilt shop across from the Quilt Museum, but their entire inventory was batiks and Kaffee Fasset. Just not my cup of tea.

The weather has been crazy all day. Misty rain to snow flurries, to sun to more rain--and cold, I don't think we can expect much better for a while, but it is great to relax and enjoy the views,


  1. Beautiful Sherry. Love reading your travelogues. Say hello to The David for me. mike

  2. Thanks Mike. Maybe we'll more interesting posts in the future. Haha. David says "Hello" also. Keep us posted on the baby news.