Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Home Sweet Home in Central City, Colorado

We left at 8:30 am this morning so that we could get to the car rental agency before they closed at 2 PM. Lucky for us there was another hour time zone change at Colorado which gave us an extra hour to get there.

Its a good thing because  I-70 was dense with fog, but as you can see Finny didn't mind a bit. He loved riding on the dash board and looking out the front and side windows.

Bad morning on I-70, but not much traffic.

We were worried about getting to Enterprise rental and where we were going to park the MH.
Fortunately, we were able to pull down the street next to the agency and I ran in to get the car. I had reserved a VW Jetta, but the lady said they had a Dodge Charger someone didn't pick up and would I like it for no extra money. Sure, why not. We can ride in style--just like Greg.

It was not a bad drive up I-70 to the Central City cut off. However, the 8 + mikes to Central City and the switchback roads to the campground were harrowing. David was in the MH and I was in the car. He said he had his pedal to the floor to get up the mountain. "Not the place for a gasser" he said, We finally made it to the campground and our site was terrific. We are facing forward over looking Central City and the mountain range around the area. The best views in the area.
After we settled in we saw a little chipmunk running along the rock wall in front of the  MH so of course we had to put out some peanuts for him.

We decided to take a ride into Central City to see what was there. There were about 5 seedy looking casinos along and near Main Street, The Opera House and an antique/flea market/junk store. There was not much of anything in the town. However, the architecture was very interesting with all the old buildings. It was nice to see they were still standing.

The Opera House (above).
Main Street

We returned to the MH to relax before dinner. All of a sudden there was wind, thunder and a hailstorm.The weather didn't look great, but it did';t last long.
We decided on chili for supper tonight--it's the perfect cold weather for it.

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  1. Oh my gosh the cat is so cute looking out the window!! :-)
    Glad u all had a good time!