Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Relaxing Day in Leadville

Today was very leisurely. In the morning we did laundry since we were running out of long sleeve shirts. While the laundry was drying we noticed a little chipmunk under the piece of wood on the ground and threw out some peanuts for him. The cats were very entertained. It's hard to be cooped up in a MH all day.

Then we took a ride about the area. We rode over to Turquoise Lake which was very close to us, There was still lots of snow on the ground, but not on the roads.

                                       I must say Turquoise Lake was not very turquoise.

 Then we rode into town for lunch. Lots of history here. There was the Silver Dollar Saloon, but after reading the reviews of how dirty it was we decided to pass it up and go to the Golden Burro. They had a great menu. We both had The Bandito, a hamburger on Texas Toast with 2 cheeses and jalapenos. It was terrific.    This is the Silver Dollar Saloon

    Downtown Leadville.  Here's the live web cam

We stopped at the Race Series Headquarters for the Leadville Race Series Bike & Run.
The building below is the Tabor Opera House built by Horace and "Baby Doe" Tabor.

Leadville was also home to "Doc" Holiday and the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown.

This building was a very large Antique Mall covering two floors. It was absolutely packed with vintage items, including clothing, jewelry, and other Leadville treasures.
The first floor had been a hardware store and we couldn't figure out the upstairs. There were about 7 single rooms off a long hallway. We thought it might have been a hotel, or a brothel, but the sign at the bottom of the stairs said they were offices.
The downstairs had the original woodwork and shelves just packed with treasures.

We also found a "Quilt Shop" or so it was called. It actually had vintage clothes, buttons, fabric and some quilts already made. The lady said she had been there 30 years and it showed. Jam packed!!!
The houses in Leadville were so interesting. Many of them looked like they had been recently painted and updated with the Victorian style. Some had bright colors, but few were plain white.
                    This one looked like 2 small ones that had been joined together.

                               This is a Jewish Temple, and a historical building.
                                         After our little tour of Leadville we went back to the CG to let the kitties out in the sunshine, It was a beautiful day, although a little breezy. They took turns having a walk about the CG in the stroller and then they spied the chipmunks, That kept them entertained for some time.

 Afterward we headed out to dinner to Quincy's Steakhouse. Very odd restaurant--only 1 item on the menu--Fillet Mignon. You had you choice of what size and that was it. It was served with salad with house dressing, baked potato and fresh baked bread. That was the best fillet mignon we've had in years. It was tender, flavorful and was cooked perfectly and inexpensive. I guess when you only have one thing on your menu--it had better be good.
A snow storm was brewing, but not for us,

Tomorrow we head for Grand Junction.

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