Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, May 22, 2015

Staying in Oakley, Kansas

Well, here we are in lovely Kansas. This was the view and it went on like this for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles. UMM sounds like another song. Very boring, but getting us closer to our destination.

Since I-70 was an easy drive, I decided to try my hand at driving the MH. It does not handle like my car for sure. It felt like I was driving a bus. After about 30 miles I was a little more relaxed instead of having both hands clinched on the steering wheel. There is no way I was ready (if EVER) to make any special turns. It's not as easy as David makes it look. 
 I almost look like I know what I'm doing.

The boys are enjoying the ride.

We finally arrived at the High Plans Campground. When we checked in they gave us a coupon for $5 off at Captain Jack's Pub which was on the CG property. We had an OK meal there and walked back to the MH to spend the evening with the kitties.

 It was cold and rainy and not good weather for the kitties to have a stroll around the campground, so they all got in their beds in the bunk to keep warm.

Where we are now

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  1. Whoa! You're brave. But I can't think of a better place to practice - except maybe Wyoming. It makes me nervous to think about it. Oh, I like the faucet in the last post.