Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On The Road to Colorado

Our plan for a vacation this year is to spend all of our time in Colorado except for the coming and going of course. Usually, we do a lot of driving staying in many different areas of the country and numerous States, but spending very little time in any one State. We thought this time, it might be nice to pick an interesting State and see a little more of it. We have been to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park as well as Durango, Silverton and Ouray and we really enjoyed visiting them, but we know there is much more to Colorado than that. So for the next 3 weeks we are visiting some other areas.

Our goal was to leave on Wednesday, the 20th.   Last weekend we went to the Big Green Egg Fest in Hiawassee, Ga as kind of a shakedown cruise for our trip this week since we haven't used the motor home in several months. We have been slowly moving things to the motor home to get ready for the trip. Clothes, food, and other items were all brought over by Tuesday night. We decided to bring the kitties last since putting them in carriers and driving them over to the storage facility where we keep the MH is so traumatic. Nicholas and Bentley take it pretty well, but Fraidy Cat Finnegan is the worse. He seemed to handle it pretty well the last 2 times when we loaded up the MH and spent the night there and waited until the next morning to actually leave on our trip.

We did all of our shopping and came back home to pick up the kitties. Nicky was no problem, Bentley was no problem, but Finnegan meant he was NOT GOING, or so he thought. He refused to go in the carrier head first. Then we tried feet first--and it was NO GO. Finally we got him in, after chasing him upstairs and him giving both of us a few good scratches. If only we had remembered our trick to cover his eyes with a towel so he couldn't see where we were putting him. But we forgot. He was finally in YEA!!! WHEW and away to the motor home we go. Not a peep out of Nicky or Bentley, but Finnegan screamed and drooled the whole way and finally puked up the biggest hairball I've ever seen. He must have been saving that one up for a special occasion.. I realized I hadn't remembered to give him his ACE before we left. As a matter of fact with all our planning and packing I had forgotten to bring  it entirely. Once in the MH I thought he'd be fine,but he never truly relaxed. So much for our smooth start. So much fun to clean up puke before you even move an inch on the road. We spent the night in the MH in the storage facility to get an early start in the morning.

As you can see both Nicky and Bentley were quite relaxed.
                                                             Nicky in his bunk bed.

Bentley looking out the front window.

We left Chattanooga around 8 am headed for the campground in Benton, IL. It wasn't too far and the drive was smooth. Finnegan started out drooling again. I guess the ACE is really the answer to having him relax. One thing did make him feel better.
As long as I held him like a baby he seemed to feel better. No more drooling.

                                                   And Nicky enjoyed riding in David's lap.

We had a very pleasant drive "after the drooling"--sounds like a good name for a song. We had a early arrival to the campground in Benton giving us all a chance to relax and get to bed early.

I am still trying ti figure out how to add a map to this blog. So far I've figured out how to add a link only, so I guess that will have to do for now. If you click on "Where we are" below it should take you to the updated map.

Where we are.


  1. Looks like a long drive scheduled for today. I hope Finnegan fared better today. It's good to have his people to comfort him.

  2. He's totally relaxed. You'd never know it's the same cat. The puking & drooling must be stress related & not motion sickness.

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