Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Monday, May 25, 2015

Another Day Around Central City

Last night was a really cold night--down to 27 degrees. We slept really good, mostly because we put on our electric blanket. It also helped that we have finally adapted to the 2 hour time difference.

As soon as the sun was up and shinning the kitties were back in the front window looking for their friend "Chippy, the Chipmunk".

"Baby Chippy" was there enjoying his peanuts.

It was a beautiful day today and we spent some time riding around the area. The mountains and scenery are so spectacular here and we have really enjoyed the area so far. As for Central City, there really isn't anything here for us other than the views. There are about 8 casinos in the area and that's not really anything we are interested in going to.

We drove over to  Lakewood and had a nice lunch at Teqila's Mexican Restaurant. The food was very good and the menu was much larger and different  than what we normally see in our local Mexican restaurants. They had a salsa, at least I think that's what it was. It had cabbage, jalapenos and cilantro and was served with chips. Very good.

After another visit to a grocery we headed back to the campground. The day was so gorgeous, blue skies, no rain and in the 50's. The kitties were so happy to be able to get out in their stroller and take a ride around the campground. Here's a picture of the nice Charger we rented for our visit. Nice!

Bentley enjoyed his nice stroll and then it was back to the MH for some quiet time.

Tomorrow we turn in the rental car and head for Leadville.

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