Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, September 22, 2013


What a fun day. David and drove to Baltimore to meet Madonna and Jim. We haven't seen them since Najla and Ryan's wedding and being so close to them we hated to miss the opportunity. The big challenge was trying to find some where to meet that was about half way in between where we were in Intercourse, PA and where they were in North Bethesda, MD.

Madonna suggested Evergreen Mansion. The Evergreen sits next to Loyola University and Johns Hopkins University. The young lady that gave us a wonderful tour of the mansion is a bio medical engineering student at Johns Hopkins with an interest in art and she was so knowledgeable, able to answer all of our questions and more.
 It is hard to describe Evergreen, since it is a mansion with 48 rooms of which about 20 are opened to the public and an extensive museum. The Evergreen was built during the mid 19th  century and owned by the Garrett family. John Garrett was the president of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad (hence all the money to purchase and maintain such a property). The mansion is truly a museum, library and gardens. We were not able to see the gardens since there was a wedding being held there later in the afternoon. The libraries were many, including many first editions and some books from the 1500s. Many books were related to birds, flowers and nature and books were everywhere. Here are a couple of articles about the mansion. Unfortunately we were not able to photograph inside the museum, probably due to the hundreds of Tiffany glass, doors, lamps, etc and the original artwork from Degas, Picasso, Dufy and other artists.
Here is an article concerning the renovation done by one of the owners Alice Warter.

Great architecture.

Grounds in front of the mansion.

Here we are after our tour. David of course in the cameraman.
We had such a good time. Who knew this gem was in the middle of Baltimore so close the the Universities?
We had a great visit even though it was short.

After the visit we drove back to Intercourse and did laundry. What a let down.
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  1. Would love to see Madonna and Jim again. What a beautiful house and grounds. I bet weddings there are spectacular.

    I did manage to enlarge the picture in the last post. Funny! And good for them.