Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 12 From Intercourse, PA to Littleton, MA

I forgot to post the pictures of our favorite campground in Intercourse. We try to stay here whenever we are in the area. Since we rent a car to travel around the area we often use Enterprise. Their rental agency is at a car dealership in New Holland and it is very hard to maneuver a MH through their parking lot so we ask for a pick up. We told them we needed a ride to pick up the car the next day at about 8:30AM. Usually when you are ready, you call Enterprise, they pick you up and drive you to the agency to fill out your paperwork. In this case the phone rang at 8:30AM and Rachel said she was here with our car. She filled out the paperwork on the spot and away she went. When we left they told us to just leave the car at the CG and they would pick it up. What a great service.
Did I say "I love this place"?

The CG we were at is very small, but the people there are just so nice. This is their office.

This is one side of the office building. They must be true quilters at heart.

This is the farm across the street from the CG. The barn has tobacco hanging in bunches to dry.

Saturday is an extremely busy day in Intercourse. Lots of horses and buggies and lots of tourists.

On Sunday we arrived in Littleton, Ma at another favorite CG, the Minutemen CG,(outside of Boston). A long drive, but we are here for a couple of days. Our campsite backs up to the woods and it is a very heavily treed CG with lots of squirrels for the kitties amusement. There are going to enjoy their time here.
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