Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 13 A visit to Minuteman National Park

It is only fitting that we visit the Minuteman National Historic Park since we are staying at the Minuteman CG. We have stayed here before only as an overnight stay and always wondered why this CG had this name. It just didn't register that we were essentially in Lexington and Concord, where the Revolutionary War began. When we picked up our rental car and drove to the CG we noticed NP signs and parking all along the way towards the CG. When we looked on the NP website we realized that we were in the middle of a major historical area. So we paid a visit to the NP.

We stopped at the visitors  center in Lexington. There we saw a multimedia presentation about how the war started and exactly what happened. I must admit I don't remember the details that much except the part about taxes, the Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere's ride. Due to space and my patience I can't write it all down for you. Look it up it is very interesting, especially since I'm older and now don't have to learn it for history class.

This is the walk to the visitor's center. Very beautiful area and the weather was in the 60's.

This is one of the Visitor Centers.

In Boston, a man hung 2 lanterns in the window signifying how the British were marching towards the Colonists. One if by land, Two if by sea. Paul rode to the north, then west to warn the Colonists,. William Dawes rode south, then west.


This is where Paul Revere and Samuel Dawes were captured. (Gee, I don't remember that part in history). A third man (the real hero), Samuel Prescott joined then and rides on to warn the Colonists.

At Lexington Green the first shot was fired.

This is Hartwell Tavern along the road to Concord and the route taken during the fighting.

Notice the nice floor cloth.

Beautiful scenery and so much history, which I will not write here. Check it out on the Internet or in a history book.

This is the second Visitor's Center, which was the Buttrick Estate. Some Visitor's Center. How about that staircase and chandelier?

NP Administrative offices are upstairs. Hey Ryan, does that look better that swatting mosquitoes in the Everglades??????

This is the location of "The Shot Heard Round the World".
What a great visit and a really good time of year. Not crowded and cool weather.

Back at the MH.

We had a great day, and so did Bentley. Here he is in his hiddie ottoman. He was glad to see us come home as were the other 2.
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  1. I'm not that knowledgable about the Civil War, but it looks interesting with pretty scenery. Beautiful. The last picture? Of Bentley? As I scrolled from the house and staircases and chandeliers, I could have sworn that was a painting! Excellent picture. Love Bentley.