Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 7 Virginia Beach and Williamburg

I forgot about this video I took when we were on the beach in OBX.
I'm not sure IF or HOW it will play, Oh well the view was terrific,

While in the area I needed to visit a few quilt shops. There were 2 here in VB. One was Sarah's Thimble which was a very nice shop, Lots of beautiful fabrics, and nice collections. No CW fabric or 30's, and few blenders, but otherwise very nice. I certainly don't need fabric, but have to look anyway,
The next shop was ??? don't remember the name, but it was a huge disappointment, Almost no fabric, a little wool with several small wool kits from Primitive Gatherings. The store had mostly FQ's and some novelty prints. Not worth a visit, but had to check it out. Next door was a knit shop and on the other side a bead shop and a etched glass shop. Very hobby related shopping center.

Then we drove north to Williamsburg. We've been here before, so didn't do the tourist thing. I did want to go back to a quit shop across from Kingsmill Resort called Love 2 Quilt. The last time they had a pretty nice selection of fabrics and some refurbished featherweight machines.
I must say I was disappointed. Very little fabric and a dozen or so featherweights. The machines were very nice, fabric was not that great.
I don't know how they are still in business.

Our main reason for coming was to go to David's favorite restaurant Sal's by Victor Italian Restaurant. We ate there a couple of times before and the food was wonderful It is a little hidden in the corner of a shopping center, but since we have been there before it was easy to find this time. The restaurant is nicely decorated and the staff were great.

I had the spinach ravioli and it was the best I've ever had. The ravioli was fresh and the sauce perfect.  Another YUM!!!

David had Seafood Thermadore. He said it was really good, but we think they may have changed the recipe to make it less creamy and more healthy. That's good.

Anyway, Wednesday we are headed to Intercourse, PA.
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  1. It's nice to go somewhere you've been before and can concentrate on what's important, food and quilting! I've never tried spinach ravioli - sounds good. Sorry the shops you visited didn't have more interesting things.

  2. Inn Intercourse the quilt shops will more than make up for it.