Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 5 Visiting the Southern Outer Banks

We headed south about 30 miles on the island and stopped at the next lighthouse in Cape Hatteras. This is another beautiful area and a great and impressive lighthouse. The lighthouse was actually moved several years ago due to erosion. What a task that was to move something so tall and heavy.


The lighthouse keeper and his assistant lived in these houses.

We drove to the end of this island and took the ferry to the next island, Ocracoke where the last lighthouse sits.

A nice 40 minute ferry ride.

The Oceacoke Lighthouse. Not as tall as the others we saw, but still impressive.

The lighthouse keepers home.
We had lunch in Ocracoke. I had the best Shrimp and Grits I've ever had and David had a wonderful dish of Crab Mac n Cheese.
After shopping around the area for a while we headed back 16 miles to the end of Ocracoke Island to catch the ferry back home.

We stopped on the way to visit the wild ponies that live on the island. They used to run wild, and although they are still wild are fed and cared for by the NPS.

Of course we had to take a nice walk over to Ocracoke Beach. Lovely!!

We had dinner at Lisa's Pizzeria. Great Pizza. On the way home there was a beautiful sunset. 

Tomorrow we head for Virgina Beach.
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  1. Loved seeing these pictures. It's been years since we went there, and I think the Hatteras Lighthouse was being repaired. We did ride the ferry to Ocracoke, and that was nice. You had much nicer weather than we did though; seems like it was cold and rainy on that trip. We stayed at the hotel right where the ferry leaves.