Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 18 A Ride inti Freeport & LL Bean

We decided to drive down to Freeport for a shopping day at LL Bean. The entire town of Freeport is an outlet town, at least that's what is promoted. You have to be careful and check prices, however.
As we drove down HWY 17 we stopped at the Rangeley overlook. This morning it was quite foggy and there were clouds still hanging over Rangeley Lake making it impossible to see the true beauty of the lake.

Next we stopped at the Height of Land which overlooks Mooselookmeguntic Lake and the mountain ranges. This is a very popular scenic overlook and lots of cars park along the curved overlook to take pictures. Since the last time I was here, there has been a new pull off and overlook site built. It is so nice with lots of safe spaces to park and a great place to stand for family pictures.

New Height of Land Marker

This very nice map shows the lakes and area. Rangeley is a big lake here and our camp is on it in Oquossoc. If you look at the yellow road going around Rangeley Lake, our camp is at the top point where Hwy 17 and Rte 4 meet. Behind us is Bald Mountain, a great hiking trail and Mooselookmeguntic Lake. To the left is Rapid River, a location made famous by Louise Dickson Rich and her book "We Took to the Woods". We were planning to visit that location with Michelle, but she is just way too busy right now.
If you notice the white diagonal line in the far left upper corner of the map above, that is the Canadian border. Since we are so close to Canada, these signs are also written in French.

This is a map of the the Appalachian Trail which goes within a mile or two of our camp.

It is a beautiful sight on a clear day, but today the clouds are hanging down on the surface of Mooselook.

This map identifies the mountains visible from the Height of Land.

Rangeley is famous for it's fishing.

A local fisher woman, Carrie Stevens created the Great Ghost fly making her very famous.

This is Beaver Pond which we pass on our way to Rumford.

After a little shopping at LL Bean, we went to Linda Bean's restaurant for lunch. Since the Chickadee is not available I guess I need to have my lobster here. I had Lobster Stew AND a Lobster Roll. Excellent, but very lobster (or LOBSTAAAH) intensive.

Then we had to visit IMAX Wicked Whoopies and have a bite of Whoopie Pie.

On the way back from Freeport, we stopped in Byron. David's niece, Michelle (the registered Maine Guide) and her husband bought 31 acres of land about 3 miles down the road and up the mountain from Coos Canyon. They are building their dream house up the mountain in the middle of no where. No electric, no water, no telephone, no plowed roads, no grocery store, no quilt shop,
ONLY this view of Tumbledown Mountain when they look out their windows. Not the life for me, but they are building it themselves and making sure it will have whatever they need to survive the harsh Maine winters with a generator, well, and good insulation. Since the road will not be plowed in the winter, they plan to snow mobile 3 miles down to Coos Canyon whenever they need to get to work or leave. Not my idea of fun, but Michelle (did I mention she is a Maine Guide?) thinks it will be heaven.

It is a spectacular view.
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  1. Sherry: what kind of guiding does she do? I might be interested in fishing, but definitely not hunting. Sounds like a great trip for you, ole David, and the felines. All our best, mike

  2. She doesn't do hunting either. Here is her website.
    She decided at the age of 40 that she wanted to become a Maine Guide. She took us on the WE TOOK TO THE WOODS tour yeas years ago and we had to hike all the way in. We thought we would get to go again this trip, but she is too busy with her house. You can always stay here at the camp if you come up. It's not winterized though.