Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 16 A Cool, Cloudy Day in Rangley

The weather here has been 60 during the day and 40 at night. Great indoor weather as long as the wood stove is lit. We decided to take a trip into Rangeley and visit the Threads Galore Quilt Shop, have lunch and go to the grocery store. On our way to town we saw 10 deer grazing in the fields. This picture is really bad, but there were 5 deer here.

WE drove in to town taking the Mingo Springs Loop Rd that goes by the country club and golf course. It's tradition. We came up one winter when Ryan was 4 and the other kids were teenagers and bought sleds at the hardware store. The snowy hills at the golf course became our frolicking place, pulling the sleds up the hill, sliding down on the sleds and making snowballs. To this day the golf course is known as "the frolicking place". It's tradition.

We stopped at Threads Galore Quilt Shop which is run by Carol and Dan Perkins. This shop has been here for almost 20 years which in Rangeley is incredible. Carol runs the shop and Dan maintains the beautiful gardens in the back yard. The shop is an old, old house with the shop being in part of it and Carol and Dan living upstairs and the Gammill LA machine in the basement. The shop has small rooms that at awkward to maneuver around. Originally there was little fabric so it wasn't an issue, but now they carry about 1000 bolts and there was a shop hop going on. The store was very busy and their computer system was down and they could not process any credit cards. Not good to have happen during a shop hop. They have very nice fabrics and tons of patterns and rulers by Deb Tucker. Deb has taught in this area a lot, so her patterns and ruler are very popular here. I bought a pattern of hers here at this shop and a ruler about 8 years ago and have not made the quilt yet. Oh well, one day when I have time.

This is one of the quilts in her shop. Very nice.

We had lunch at Parkside and Main Restaurant. The food was not spectacular,  It always amazes me to see the shops that are surviving or NOT surviving in Rangeley every time we come. Nancy's gifts was out of business. They always had nice reasonably prices shirts and items. The same owner opened Back Woods across the street with higher priced items for the skiers in the area. Both pharmacies are closed, the hardware store is closed, Moose America is closed. The book store is still open, The Red Onion and Sarges Restaurants. It's sad to see so many favorite places gone.

Back at the camp I set up my sewing machine. What a nice place to sew, looking out at the lake.

Bentley is on the porch with me, taking a nap.

Finnegan is on the couch.

Nicky has claimed the lower bunk bed.

These are some little wall hangings I made almost 20 years ago. So Mainey

Fun at the camp. 
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