Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, September 14, 2013

On The Road Again Day 1

Well, I have had one rough time writing on my Blog this time. Although I could pull it up and give it a title it would not type anything else and my mouse wouldn't work. After emailing Blogger help, it turned out I needed a more updated version of Internet Explorer. So after getting all of that resolved I'm able to post.

Our trip actually started on Wednesday the 11--yes that's 9/11 and here's my blog post for that day.
It's time to get on the road again. Our plans are to head over to the Outer Banks, up to Virginia Beach, Intercourse, PA, then to Littleton, Ma (outside of Boston) and up to Oquossoc, Maine to spend some time at the camp. Not a super long trip, but time to get away in the motor home with the kitties and relax a bit.

Our start, as usual was a series of mishaps. First, on the list was to give Finnegan his ACE medication before we left home and give it time to kick in before we left. He gets car sick and is a Nervous Nelly about everything out of the ordinary. It would be nice to take a trip without him barfing his breakfast and drooling and being miserable. Today, he was really great about taking his pill and swallowing it down so that I could start my list of errands.

I had to run over to Chattanooga Quilts to drop off a quilt for a customer.Then I needed to drive to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of power strips for David and a few other items. Next I needed to go to the Bernina dealer to drop my Bernina for a good cleaning since I would be out of town and not need it for a few weeks.

When I arrived home Finnegan very relaxed and out on the back porch . YEAH!!!!!!
It should be an easy time gathering all the kitties and putting them in the motor home this time. Usually it's like the Keystone Kops with us trying to gather them up as them run around the house, with us running behind chasing them as they run behind the furniture, under the bed and upstairs. By the time we leave, all the furniture is pulled away from the wall in order to get at them and the house looks like we were burglarized. We have now learned to close all the doors in order to coral them and this time we even locked them out on the back porch until we were ready to load them up. The exception is Bentley who follows us around, lays down in front of the doors so that we won't forget to take him. He does love to travel.

When I got home, I realized the power strips I purchased were not in the bag the lady at Wal-Mart handed me. GREAT, we'd have to swing by Wal-Mart on our way out of town. We gathered the kitties, headed down the road, went to Wal-Mart, retrieved the power strips and headed up I-75. A relatively nice start (considering) to our trip. Miles down the road I asked David if he had loaded my featherweight sewing machine in the trunk.====UGGHHHHHH  NO....Oh no, I have plans to sew and I have to have a sewing machine. Was it worth it to turn around and so all the way back home? We decided to check Wal-Mart for a really cheap machine. Yes, they had a $79 Brother. In retrospect, we should have turned around and gone back, but we already had a late start, so I bought the Brother and away we went. Several miles further down the road we realized we had not loaded the vacuum cleaner or the big box of coffee we had bought for the trip. They were sitting next to my sewing machine. We'll just have to worry about that later.

Everything was great on the road in spite of our start, Finnegan did very, very well. This was the most relaxed we've ever seen him as you can see below.

Bentley is trying to console him and Nicky spent a lot of time riding in my lap.

I brought along a couple of books to read on our trio. One is "The Union Quilters" by Jennifer Chiaverini which Madonna gave me for my birthday. I've been saving it for my trip and I can't wait ti read it.

Our first stop is in Blacksburg, SC just over the NC state line. The campground is small, quiet and restful EXCEPT for the siren that went off during the night that would wake the dead. It lasted for more than 5 minutes, sounding over and over. It sounded like a warning for a nuclear disaster. Evidently it is an emergency siren system for the volunteer fire dept. Gee, don't they just have a phone call list like everyone else? That siren wakes anyone within 25 miles.

Oh well, just another fun day on our trip. We are having homemade English muffins for breakfast  that David made at home to bring with us.  YUM!!!!


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  1. Wow. Your start had me stressed out just reading it. It made me laugh, but it hits too close to home for it to be too funny! Somehow I have the feeling the sewing machine was not a happy purchase.