Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 17 Life at the Camp

Glynda came up for a few days and the kitties are really enjoying her company too. Finnegan has just settled into her lap and is NOT LEAVING. He loves the attention and he has a good thing going and he knows it.

We drove to Farmington to check out the quilt shop/yarn shop there and visit, what else ------WalMart. Or as they say here the FAAAAHMINGTON WALMAAAAT. It was a nice drive and the quilt shop there has a great selection of yarns, wool and fabrics. It's right downtown. Nice little town.
Then back to the camp.

It was a very nice sunny day here. I took Bentley for a walk in his stroller and he had a wonderful time. Not much to blog about today, so I'm just posting some pictures around the camp.

There used to be a line of trees along this road down to the boat launch, but they have all been cut down.

From our front yard.

The camp.

The little log community church at the end of our road.

The road to the camp (Blackberry path).

This is the River's Edge Sports Shop. Not a good picture, but they sell all types of fishing, canoeing, kayaking and hunting stuff, fishing licenses, guide services, etc. It is right behind our camp. It used to be The Yarn Barn when we first started coming here and I used to walk down the road and sit there in front of the old wood stove and knit with Mary, the owner. It was the highlight of my visit. Now it's a sport's shop.Go figure.

Nice view from our camp of the boat house across the lake. We are at the tail end of Rangeley Lake in Oquossoc and Rangeley Lake is huge. The marina is next door and there is even a seaplane service giving tours of the area. Nice for visitors. Not so nice when you live next door and it is the middle of the busy season in the summer. Right now it is as quiet as a mouse.

We decided to go on a moose run--the first of the season. Much to our disappointment we saw no moose and only 1 deer. Instead of cooking at the end of our moose run we went to The Red Onion for dinner. The place was packed. Not an empty table any where. I have never seen it so busy. It took along time for our meal, but it was great. 
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