Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 19 A Quiet Day at Camp

We spent a quiet day doing not much of anything in Oquossoc. Glynda had to leave early to drive to Portland airport for the flight home.  Too bad she had to leave. It's so nice and quiet herein the Fall after all the tourists have gone home.

We decided later to go the The Gingerbread for breakfast. The Gingerbread is right down the road and has really good food. Thirty years ago it was a one room old wooden hole in the wall with about 4 tables and a wood stove to heat the place, wooden floors and an ice cream bar. They served breakfast for about $3.00 and lunch was hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. Hamburgers were about $3.00. Locals hung out and ate here all the time. No dinner service

Years late,r some entrepreneurs from NJ decided it would be great to buy The Gingerbread and turn it into a nice restaurant. They kept the same name, front, and look but totally renovated it with Mexican tile floors, new tables and fixtures, and added about 1000 sq ft. including a nice glassed in summer room to view any wild life and the woods out back.They also quadrupled the prices. Their business went out the door along with the locals. Then they caught on and dropped the prices. We noticed yesterday the prices have looked the same now for many years. Time has caught up with them. Their food was good and their business was booming. You gotta eat at the Gingerbread when in Oquossoc. It's tradition.

Then we went to "Roger's" to get the Sunday paper. It is actually now called Oquossoc Grocery, but we still call it "Roger's" because that's who owned it 32 years ago when we started coming up. The new owners have done a great job. They now have a better meat counter, deli and sandwiches for takeout, a liquor store license, an ATM and it just looks nicer inside. Gone is the laundry in the basement (which we could use right now).

Back to camp for our relaxing day.
We have had fog every morning and today the clouds are still hanging down over the wider part of the lake.

This is the other side of the camp, near the bridge. There is fly fishing only in front of the camp, so David sometimes will walk down to the bridge to fish. He didn't fish this trip.

There were several geese out on the lawn, but by the time I got Bentley in his stroller, they were swimming away. 

Bentley always enjoys time out in his stroller.

It was a quiet day. I did some sewing and David puttered around with the motor home. A very nice day. We don't want to leave either  so we decided to stay 2 more days.
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  1. I was going to tell Glynda hello but missed her. Í need to keep up. Glad ya'll are having a good time and know you enjoyed seeing her there. I don't blame you for staying a little extra.

  2. I hope to get a little more sewing in, but other things keep getting in the way.