Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 22 On our Way to Californ NI AAAY

We headed south towards California, but drove a little farther along the Oregon coast. The weather here in the mornings is always cool (in the 40's) and  windy and fits my image of the Oregon coast. It does warm up by the end of the day, but at noon it is still cool. At 2 to 3 it is a perfect time to walk on the beach in the warm sun. By 5 to 6 it is getting cool again and you need a jacket.

As we drove across to Corvallis, Or and away from the beach we got a look at the gorgeous evergreens and tall trees and mountains that you think of when you think of Oregon.

It was amazing to see how many wineries there were in Oregon and Washington for that matter.
It seems that everything grows well here in the NW except maybe citrus.

Finally we made it over the California border.

We are staying tonight in Mount Shasta City which is near Mount Shasta. As we got closer to Mount Shasta it was amazing to see how tall it is--over 14,000 ft.

Tomorrow we head for Lake Tahoe.

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