Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 9 Road to Gouldings, UT

We left Durango with only about a 200 miles drive to Monument Valley. We thought 4 hours maybe. Highway 160 had loads of construction going on which slowed us up quite a bit. At reaching Cortez we headed south to Four Corners and eventually Medicine Hat and Gouldings. Due to the rough, small highway it took much longer than we thought.

 As we left Colorado and farther into Utah and near Monument Valley the landscape begin to change from brown bare rocks to red rocks. We had no idea how beautiful it would really be in Monument Valley. When I say we are in the middle of no where I mean it. There was nothing! We went past Four Corners. In  Mexican Hat we saw a couple of hotels, campgrounds, but it was still incredibly bare and uninhabited. This is the Navajo Reservation.


 One hundred and fifty miles of nothing.
Then in the distance we saw peaks of the monuments.

More and more red rocks. We must be getting closer to Gouldings.

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