Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sedona is a bit warmer than most of the other places we have been the last few weeks. The temperature during the day is high 80's and 90's, and at night it is about 60. The kitties are much more relaxed, not having to worry about the big elks.

We decided to let the kitties out in their play pen to enjoy the morning. The CG is large, open and very shaded by the big cotton wood trees and oaks. The kitties even had a couple of visitors this morning.
If you look far to the left you will see 2 kitties that came to visit.One of them walked right up to the playpen and was nose to nose with Bentley. They just said "Good Morning" an kept on going. No hissing or anything.
Then we got another visotor. Now the boys are really starting to have fun.
This was a very nice CG and very close to town on the other side of the creek.
 Sedona is such a beautiful city. We were here about 10 years ago and have always wanted to come back. It is incredible how much it has grown and expanded with new areas. Sedona, like Santa Fe is a very artsy and spiritual area. Lots of art galleries, crystal shops and people willing to read your aura.

 When we were here before we flew in to Las Vegas and drove to Sedona. It was the second week of October and just starting to turn cold. We stayed in Oak Creek Canyon in cabins across from Oak Creek. We were lucky to be on the right side of the creek. While we were here it rained quite a bit and the creek flooded. Everyone on the opposite side of the creek was unable to get to their homes unless they lived by the walking bridge. They could park their car on the east side of the creek and walk across the bridge to the other side to get to their home.

The next day we were to drive back to Las Vegas. When we got up it was snowing and snowing hard. It was a little tricky driving down Oak Creek Canyon in a snow  storm.

Well, since we were here and it was nice and sunny we decided to take a ride up Oak Creek Canyon and visit the area where we stayed. This road is so beautiful.
After Oak Creek we drove back through Sedona headed for Jerome, AZ

 Jerome is an old copper mining town that was built on a steep mountain about 5200 ft. high. The roads are narrow and winding with many switchbacks. This is the view part way up the road to Jerome.

 Jerome was very inhabited in it's hey day, but eventually became a ghost town. Today it is a major tourist attraction with restaurants, bars and gift shops. It is a favorite of motorcyclists.
 We had lunch at The Haunted Hamburger which is in Jerome Palace. The Haunted Hamburger was featured on Rachael Ray's program a couple of years ago. The food was quite good even though it was quite a hike up hill to get to it. Actually every thing in Jerome is up hill.

 We drove back to Sedona to give the kitties a little more time out for the day.

Tomorrow we plan to see a little more of Sedona. 


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  1. In 2001, I took a business trip to AZ, decided to drive 4 hrs to the Grand Canyon. I am from the northeast, so it only made sense. I could not recall the name of the old copper mining town I visited, I though it was Prescott. I clearly recall traveling up an "S" mountain road, winding, winding, on the inside of the mountain going up. I dreaded the thought of coming down. I remember seeing old houses built right into the mountains. It was a fascinating view. I reached the top which encompasses small quaint tourist shops. Yes....89A was the road and the town must have been Jerome AZ. I hope to get there again.