Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 33 Leaving the Grand Canyon

We woke up this morning to a herd of male mule deer walking through the CG between our MH and the next. We counted about 10, but there could have been more that were between other MHs. At least we did get some sleep. The mating calls were not as bad and seemed a little farther away at least. During the night David woke up and saw a large male elk at the back window of the MH. Unless they are doing their mating call thing they make no noise at all, so they can really sneak up on you, which can be pretty scary. Until you see them next to you, you can't appreciate how large they really are.

Since we had a short drive to Sedona today from the Grand Canyon we thought we would walk over to the Canyon Cafe and have a nice breakfast. It wasn't a long walk----maybe what would be considered about 2 blocks. It was along the road and next to the woods.

As we walked over we actually found some wild lupines growing next to the road. They don't quite look like our Maine lupines, but they were lupines just the same and here they were growing in the fall rather than the spring.

On the other side of the road we heard out elk buddy. He was probably the one we heard during the night and the one that walked by the MH. He was sitting there doing his mating call thing with his harem, about 6 to 7 females around him grazing.
 These are a couple of the females.
 About 25 yards down the road were 2 large females near the road and right where we were going to walk. A couple of park volunteers were driving by, stopped their car, got out and started yelling and waiving their arms about at the females and trying to get them to move back into the woods. Finally they moved back and we continued on. When we came back by the females and the male were deeper into the woods. I'm sure the volunteers were concerned about them running into the road and being hit by a car. Look at this one's face. It's like she is saying "who do you think you are to try to scare me?"
As we walked back, we looked over and there were 4 mule deer laying under the trees. Very sweet. They are certainly not afraid of people and neither are the elk-----------unless you yell at them and chase them way.

We are headed to Sedona to see the Red Rocks.

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