Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 23 Hello Lake Tahoe

We left Mount Shasta headed for Lake Tahoe. The GPS sent us a different route than what I had originally mapped out, but it was a nice drive and probably must more scenic. I thought we'd be heading down I-5 through Sacramento coming into Lake Tahoe through the Donner Pass and Truckee, Ca. The GP decided we need to go via SR 89 driving through Shasta Trinity National Forest and Lassen National Forest and coming in through Reno and Carson City.
 The forest views were so beautiful and it was a nice quiet drive through the whole area.

 We could even see Mounts Shasta in the distance.
As we got closer to the Nevada border, the landscape changed from lush forests to rocky hills with tumbleweeds. We also drove through an area that had been burned. It wasn't a recent fire, but the area still has not recovered.

One of the newer and larger hotel casinos in Reno, the Grand Sierra Resort.
Here we are on the way to Carson City on the high and winding road.

Here is first view of  Lake Tahoe. A gorgeous site.

More views of Lake Tahoe tomorrow.
And the kitty pictures of the day.
 Bentley and Nicky.


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