Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 25 Attempted Visit to Virginian City

We thought a fun thing to do today would be to drive over to Virginia City, NV  and visit this old western mining town. It sits rather isolated in the rocky Nevada landscape.

These are some wild horses along the road side.
 Gone are the beautiful ponderosa pines, replaced by rocky bare, tumbleweeds.

As we got closer to Virginia City there were lots of remains of old mining areas and buildings. It looked to be a fun place to visit. We also noticed that there were lots and lots and I means lots of motorcycles on the road.

 This is the old Forth Ward School House sitting on the edge of Virginia City. There appeared to be lots of the old building that could be toured.
This picture does not adequately document what was going on in this town. As we attempted to drive through town there were hundreds and hundreds of motorcycles and riders lining the streets. It was so bad we barely made it through the main street. They were EVERYWHERE. They were along the main street, on the side walks, in the middle of the street as far as you could see. It was apparent that we could not stop here. There was no where within sight to park and the motorcycles and riders had consumed the entire town to the point that there was no where we could eat, visit or shop without having to deal with them. We just decided to keep going and headed for Reno. We were so disappointed. There looked to be a lot of nice places we could have visited here. A neat old western town. Maybe another time.
We drove on to Reno in hopes to see the OLD Downtown Reno with the famous sign over hanging the street. But, alas it was not to be either. We could see it in the distance, but road construction prevented us from getting through.  DRATS!!! We're batting zero today.
 We could see the newer hotels fairly close to the older section of Reno. At any rate, we had lunch at the Black Bear Diner and drove home. We had an appointment with a local mechanic to come do an oil change on the MH.
 This is a very small tunnel as we head back into South Lake Tahoe area.

 As we headed down highway 50 near our CG we noticed a fire burning in the distance. It turned out there was a forest fire burning not too far from our CG. It wasn't too large and they were attempting to get it under control by morning.
Tomorrow, one more day on Lake Tahoe.

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