Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 32 No Rest at the Grand Canyon

We arrived at the Grand Canyon about 4PM yesterday. It was an uneventful check in and nice evening. We did notice a lot of deer poop around the CG and the man that checked us in told us not to hook up our sewer until we were ready because the ravens peck holes in the hose. That sounds like a funny RV movie just waiting to happen.

The boys were all settled in for the night. They love sleeping in the bunk.

About 12:15 am we were awakened by this noise.

It went on and on and on so that we couldn't sleep. It was very dark, but there was almost a full moon, so we could see a little. I was able to get this picture in the dark.
The elk and mule deer were every where----all night long. They were still there in the morning so we were able to get better pictures.
 The one above is an elk.

This one is a mule deer and it explains why there was poop every where.
 More elk.

 More elk.
 Mule deer.
Nice big elk---he was probably the one responsible for all the noise. Fall is the mating season.
 The kitties reactions were as follows:
Bentley was at the window watching every move made by anything outside.
Nicholas could care less what was outside.
Finnegan was hiding under the chair and didn't come out for anything==all night.

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  1. You would think they could find grass somewhere else instead of the few plots you have! And you also have to wonder what they are looking for around a campground, mating wise. No telling what scents Finnegan's fear is giving out.