Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 24 Lake Tahoe Continued

We continued driving around the lake. Much of the roads were in the woods and not on the lake itself, but the trees and woods were just gorgeous.

 This is the other side of Emerald Bay

We decided to continue on to Truckee, Ca and have dinner at one of the places we had seen on the Food Network (DDD with Guy Fieri), Jax at the Tracks.

We decided to go for it and had the Kobe beef meat loaf. It was really good. Truckee looked like a really neat little town to walk around. The main road going through it is Donner Road as in the DONNER PASS. We took a short ride down Donner Road, but did not have enough time to go all the way over the pass, but maybe layer.

We continued our drive around the lake passing through Kings Beach  and Incline Village. The homes on the lake there were mansions to be sure. Spectacular would not even begin to describe them.
We past the CAL-NEVA Resort on the Cal-NV line which was very famous many years ago as it was owned by Frank Sinatra and was sort of a hideout of the Rat Pack, Robt Kennedy, JFK and Marilyn Monroe back in the day. There were secret tunnels used for transporting people and liqueur to the resort. It is supposed to be haunted as well.

This north side of the lake is more residential than touristy.
We continued on and by this time is was sunset and what great views we had.

Back to the CG and MH for a nice night. Another great day.

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